3-in-1 portable Razor
3-in-1 portable Razor
3-in-1 portable Razor
3-in-1 portable Razor
3-in-1 portable Razor
3-in-1 portable Razor

3-in-1 portable Razor

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Have you forgotten to shave your legs? We have the BEST, time-saving option for you! This little portable travel razor gives you a quick and painless solution to remove unwanted body hair. This little design is easy to carry around and is gentle enough to use on a daily basis to remove unwanted facial and body hair. You'll never have to worry about missing a strand of hair when you leave the house! Put it in your handbag, car, gym bag, travel bag, etc.

Simply wet your skin, use the shea butter pre-shave bar, then shave your body hair away with the razor blade!


It's appropriate for both men and women.

The small size makes it easier to handle when travelling.

It's gentle enough to apply every day and provides long-lasting smoothness.

It's simple to clean and restock.

It comes with a refillable water spray bottle, a shea butter pre-shave bar, and a shaving blade.

Two sharp triple-blade razor cartridges are included for a close, clean shave.

For a pleasant finish, each razor cartridge includes a lubricating pre-shave strip blended with Chamomile and Olive Oil.

For silky smooth skin, the moisturising bar contains Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, and Cocoa Butter.

All skin types, even those with sensitive skin, will benefit from this product.


1 mini portable three-in-one hair razor


  • Using water, wet your skin (ensure it is full)
  • Before shaving, apply the shea butter bar on your skin.
  • Shave your hair with the razor blade.
  • If desired, shaved hair can be washed away by spraying the skin with water.
  • Keep out of children's reach.
  • Colors may differ.